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What is Paragliding? The Paragliding is simply to take off from a high hill. Parachute, which is laid open on a sloping and tall hill, is an experience that will bring color to your whole life, not only to holiday, but to take the air with the pilots to start running and the pilot will take off with you and fly in the sky and documenting the sight of Ölüdeniz with your camera. The imposing Babadag, which closes the eastern side of Ölüdeniz, is considered one of the best flight points in the world for paragliding. Babadagağı, which is on the list of “world heritage” with its rich flora, reveals the magnificent beauty of Oludeniz and its surroundings from a different dimension. If you are wondering what it feels like to fly freely in this unique environment, like birds, you can consider the great opportunity offered to you to enjoy and enjoy your technical details in your pilot.

Babadag flight track There are three airstrips in Babadag. 1700 meters south runway, very convenient for departure. The 1800-meter north runway is a bit small and steep. The departure area of ​​the 1900 Meter north peak is quite comfortable. Since it receives the southern wind from the opposite side throughout the day, it usually runs from the 1700 meter track. All pilots have flight certificates and sufficient experience. Professional Pilots are adding experience to their experience with 5 different people each day, making approximately 1000 flights during the season. But you will still fly together to make sure that you have a question about Pilot license. Flights are insured but personal travel You can also do your insurance.


The duration of the flights can take up to two hours, depending on the performance of the material used and the pilot’s experience. In the air, you have control over & nbsp; If you catch the hot air current called “thermic” with the pilot’s steering, you have a chance to prolong it. These vertically moving air currents can raise slope parachutes thousands of feet and take them miles away. This increases the distance and altitude. After taking a few steps, you will feel a sense of enthusiasm at the first moment after you start flying, but soon you leave a place of excitement, a great pleasure accompanied by Aya Nikaola Island, Oludeniz, Gemile Cove and Kumburnu’s insatiable view. If you want a passenger, the pilot will make a revolving movement around the axle, the excitement enhancer, the artistic movements Spiral, Ringover, screw, screw-like parachute. You will land softly on the beach while your pilot is engrossed in the spectacular scenery. During the landing you can take a few quick steps to help the pilots. Get rid of the belts and handcuffs that connect the parachutes with the help of the officers who are ready at the landing tracks behind the beach on the Belcekız coast. All participants are happy and smile on their faces.

Belcekız landing area is very comfortable and safe with its long and wide. At least until now, it is stated that there is no serious accident in the descent. Sometimes, however, little misfortunes can be experienced. Of course there is no possibility that there are not any small events, you can hang your feet and fall down while you are walking on the road. It is also said that the vast majority of these accidents, alone, were made by the people who were without a teacher. If you are going to fly with a licensed Pilot, you do not have any experience pre-conditions. Pilots briefly tell you what you need to do before the flight. There is no age limit, the upper limit of weight is 110 kg. There is a precondition that you do not have any significant discomfort during the flight (landing) and during the flight. It is not advisable to skip during disturbances such as heart and circulatory disturbances. Considering weather conditions, you can choose casual clothes and sunglasses, it is recommended to wear sneakers.

Mountain transport and equipment All equipment for the flight is provided by the Pilot. Pilots and volunteers pick up the required materials and climb the 25-km-long Babadag highway to the 1950 or 1965-meter-high flight tracks with the vehicles. & Nbsp; Travel on a 25 km hilly road can take up to 45 minutes. At the summit, the Pilot explains the actions to be taken and the action plan. Here parachutes are checked, and overalls and helmets are worn. Finally, the pilot will explain what to do. The volatile fleets on the reserve parachute are now ready for flight. The harness, which is connected to the pilots and parasites, is seated. Then, with the parachute swelling with the blow of the wind, the slope runs down to the flight. Tandem Paragliding (pilot + 1 guest) is at least 30 minutes flight time; It takes about 2 hours to get out, prepare and study. Transportation from the hostel to the exit piste on the mountain, national park entrance fee, insurance, professional pilot fare and drop-off service are usually included in the whole building. Only services such as Photo – Video are paid extra at the flight. Fees Prices for the 2015 season may range from $ 150 to $ 300 depending on the day, but you can assume an average of $ 200. National park fee can be included in the flight price by the company you will fly. We advise you to find answers to such questions when you make your flight reservation. The information you read here (Oludeniz / Babadağ Paragliding) may be too general, but it may have lost its update. The above price averages reflect current prices for the 2015 season. For more detailed information, we recommend you to be interviewed by a professional person who is professionally engaged in such activities in the Oludeniz region.